Grind 6 bulbs of big onions, add one original bottle of honey. Take one spoon thrice daily for one month.

alternatively; get a handful of bitter leaf and scent leaves, squeeze out the water in them, add lime(orange)juice, grinded

garlic and small potash. Take half glass of it twice daily for one month.

Recommendations for Treatment

Use Sibi Capsules

Swallow two (2) capsules with drinking water twice daily after meals continuously for fourteen (14) weeks. Blood tonic is recommended to be added to your treatment along with the Sibi capsules.

If symptoms persist call +233247111671 / +233240952027


•          Enhance Urine Flow

•          If you have rubber (catheter) inside your penis

•          Difficult in Urination

•          Double urinal

•          Burning sensational during urination

•          Discharge after urination

•          Every urinal problems    


•          Vaginal itching

•          Vaginal discharge

•          Pains during sex

•          If you don’t have feelings

•          Pains or burning sensation during urination

•          Menstrual pains


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