Sexuality vitality means having an enjoying and fulfilling sex life. At Levels Herbal LTD, we believe that sexual health is an important aspect of every person’s quality of life. We offer a wide range of solutions for men who suffer from issues with sexual vitality and erectile performance, including testosterone deficiency,
prostate health, and erectile dysfunction Our Male Vitality Supplements ( Levels Capsules) contain a powerful and nourishing blend of herbs to support men.


Levels Capsule is a combination of precious herbs which are widely recognized for their contribution to men’s health. It naturally controls Waist pain, all weakness, Enhancement of urine flow, Gonorrhea, Diabetes, sexual disorder. It effectively boosts urine flow in men system. It also extend stamina, strengthen ejaculation, intensify orgasms & help in re-growth of organ in men.

These natural herbal capsules help relieve stress, increase energy levels, promote circulation, support optimal levels of male reproductive hormones, and boost libido. Levels Capsules  also helps to promote sex drive (it is particularly indicated for sexual enhancement) and to boost testosterone levels – so it is a key ally for optimale male reproductive health.

Because of the powerful and nourishing blend of herbs, It help increase male fertility and libido, reduces impotence and improves sperm quality as well as blood flow and circulation. It helps to ease stress, is anti-inflammatory and can help prevent urinary tract infections.



Not recommended for children below 18 years.


Penianthus zenkeri, Anthocleistanobilis, Caparis erythrocatpus, Xylopia  aethiopica.


Take two (3) capsules in the morning and three (3) capsules in the evening after meal. Blood tonic is recommended to be added to your treatment along with the Levels capsules. If symptoms persist call +233599670402 / +233599056033.



Keep in cool dry play. Keep all medicines out of reach of children.

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