Caffeine is a stimulant, so it stands to reason that too much caffeine can cause anxious or stressed feelings. The anxiety that can come from drinking too much coffee is backed by science, and it’s a direct result of caffeine’s effect on your hormones.

Inability to Sleep

If you’ve ever indulged in some late afternoon or evening coffee, you’ve probably noticed that it caused difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. This effect is also backed by science, and research shows that caffeine can affect our sleep in two ways

Digestive Problems

Many people believe that the acidity of coffee can lead to stomach ulcers. Although it certainly doesn’t help, there is no substantial research that concludes there is a link between drinking coffee and experiencing ulcers. However, there are other digestive problems that can come about from drinking too much coffee.

High Blood Pressure

Coffee has long been associated with high blood pressure, so this side effect may not come as much of a surprise! However, caffeine does have varying effects on blood pressure in short- versus long-term periods.


Like many other drugs, caffeine can become highly addictive, and many coffee drinkers, whether they know it or not, are physiologically dependent on their daily caffeine.

Elevated Heart Rate

As we mentioned before, caffeine can lead to elevated levels of adrenaline in your bloodstream. While the effects of this hormonal spike are numerous, one of the most critical is an elevated heart rate.


Most people know that caffeine is a stimulant, and the majority of coffee drinkers recognize the stimulating effects coffee can have. However, caffeine can also lead to increased muscle fatigue and overall feelings of tiredness.

Irregular Bathroom Use

Another effect of coffee that is commonly experienced and reported by coffee drinkers is an increase in urination and the urgency to urinate. This effect is also backed by science.


•          Enhance Urine Flow
•          If you have rubber (catheter) inside your penis
•          Difficult in Urination
•          Double urinal
•          Burning sensational during urination
•          Discharge after urination
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•          Vaginal itching
•          Vaginal discharge
•          Pains during sex
•          If you don’t have feelings
•          Pains or burning sensation during urination
•          Menstrual pains

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